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Seven survivors of a nuclear explosion take refuge in a house in the middle of the desert. They have to start society over, but tensions fly when some footprints of monsters are found just outside the house! It turns out that there are some half/human/mutant/monsters lurking in the nuclear fog just over the hill from the house! One of the survivors is also a half mutant, who doesn’t eat or drink, but feeds on wild animals. He tells the others, “You’re gonna die soon, and only we will be left!” After all the wild animals are eaten up, guess who’s next on the menu?

A good tense script, hard-boiled melodrama and a claustrophobic setting help make this one of director Roger Corman’s best. And who could forget the incredible horned three eyed monster created and played by Paul Blaisdell that is killed by the “pure rain”? The great B-Movie cast includes Richard Denning, Lori Nelson, Adele Jergens, Mike “Touch” Connors, and Jonathan Haze. Another great touch is that the movie starts with “THE END” (T.D. Day—Total Destruction Day!) and ends with “THE BEGINNING”!

From A.R.C (American Releasing Company), which soon became A.I.P later that year.
Tags: d, roger corman, sci-fi
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