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John Wayne stars as a Texas Ranger who is bringing a fugitive (Stuart Whitman) to justice while simultaneously tracking down a bunch of bad guys called The Comancheros.  These dudes make their bread by running guns to The Comanche Indians, who are looking to scalp any white man that gets in their way.  When Whitman proves himself in a fight, the Duke gives him a tin star and the duo goes off to infiltrate the Comancheros from the inside and take down their organization.


The Comancheros was the last film for director Michael (Casablanca) Curtiz, who died the following year.  (Supposedly, Curtiz was constantly ill during the making of the film and Wayne had to step in to direct some scenes.)  While having someone of Curtiz’s stature directing a Wayne oater seemed like a great idea, the film itself is pretty forgettable.  That’s not to say it isn’t entertaining.  I always enjoy a John Wayne movie just for John Wayne himself and he gives a solid performance in this one.  He’s a little cagier than usual in this flick and has good chemistry with Whitman.  Ultimately though, the flick runs on longer than it should and is kinda sparse in the action department.


The best thing about the picture though is Lee Marvin.  He does a marvelous job in his all too brief role as a drunkard Comanchero with a partially scalped noggin.  His scenes where he constantly bickers and spars with Wayne make the film worth a look, and will have you wishing his role was a lot bigger. 


But the film really belongs to John Wayne.  The Duke is the only man I know of who can wear a pink shirt and a white neckerchief and still look like a total badass.  For that fact alone I can’t bear to give the film any less than ** ½.

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