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Don Henderson (AKA:  Tom Laughlin of Billy Jack fame) directed this uneven tale of a successful District Attorney (producer George E. Carey) who lusts after his sexy babysitter, Candy (Patricia Wymer).  While the hotshot lawyer is out tomcatting around with his nubile trollop, a biker’s moll takes pictures of him slipping the babysitter the old salami surprise and uses it to blackmail him into releasing her scumbucket biker boyfriend (biker movie staple and the original Mr. Clean, Robert Tessier) from prison.


The Babysitter was popular enough to spawn a semi-sequel, Weekend with the Babysitter two years later.  Like that flick, this one features way too much plot for its own good.  At least The Babysitter features lots of scenes of the old geezer actually balling the Lolita-esque Candy.  The weird thing about these films is the continuity.  In Weekend with the Babysitter, the role of Candy is played by another actress (Susan Romen) and even though both films star Carey, he plays an entirely different character in each movie. 


Not that any of this matters.  As with its sequel, The Babysitter is a pretty ordinary softcore May-December love story.  I’ll give this one the edge over Weekend as this one features a lot more titties than that flick did.  If you are a die hard Laughlin fan, you may want to check it out.

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