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PINK ANGELS (1971) **

Pink Angels is the first gay biker movie.  Imagine if Gregg Araki directed Easy Rider and this might be what you get.  The flick is all about the titular motorcycle gang taking a road trip to a drag queen ball and along the way they predictably get hassled by The Man.  In the film’s best scene, The Pink Angels play a prank on a bunch of straight bikers by putting make-up on them while they’re passed out.  In the end, the transvestite bikers run into a deranged general on a hippie hunting mission who strings them all up by their necks for being a little bit… different.


What separates The Pink Angels from other biker movies of the era is that instead of getting harassed for having long hair and being hippies, the bikers get harassed for being homosexuals and cross dressers.  The overly swishy performances will ensure that this film won’t win any GLAD Awards, but at least it doesn’t paint its gay characters in a negative light, the way most films at the time would’ve. 


On the downside, the episodic nature of the film leads to a choppy narrative and sloppy pacing.  The extended scenes of gay bikers partying while irritating hippie music plays in the background is just as annoying as the similar scenes found in straight biker movies like The Hellcats and The Wild Rebels and the long ass montages of people driving around on motorcycles only helps to pad the running time.  Despite the fact that the movie is all about gay bikers, that doesn’t stop the filmmakers from tossing in a moderate amount of topless women into the mix, which is always a good thing. 


Michael (Rocky IV) Pataki and Grizzly Adams himself, Dan Haggerty co-star as hetero bikers.

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