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Jayne Mansfield stars in her last performance playing three different characters in this dull and depressing flick from her husband Matt Cimber.  In one vignette she plays Johnnie, an unhappy newlywed who has a miscarriage after her husband leaves her.  In the next, she plays a pregnant waitress and in the finale, she portrays a prostitute whose stalker John commits suicide after she calls him a “monkey”.  There’s also an overlong segment about a lonely fisherwoman and an overweight dock worker that gives new meaning to the word tedious.


Mansfield died before this flick was completed, so that explains all of the unnecessary padding.  The boring scenes involving various other people living in the apartment complex aren’t nearly as interesting as the stuff involving Jayne.  There’s also an odd “tribute” to Mansfield given by none other than Walter Winchell that opens the film that feels out of place as well.


Single Room Furnished is borderline unwatchable.  Too much of the film feels like a stage bound play and a lot of the supporting cast seem like rejects from an off-off-off Broadway play.   Jayne is OK though in a rare serious role but most of the “drama” in this flick is tepid and uninvolving.  The problem is that you don’t want to see Jayne Mansfield “act”; you want to see her being a sex goddess.  Unfortunately you have to wait a long time for her to look hot and that's only near the end when she’s playing the prostitute character.  The flashbacks and flashbacks within flashbacks don’t help matters any either.


Cimber later directed such classics as Lady Cocoa and Hundra.

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