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BLOOD MANIA (1970) ***

Peter (Point of Terror) Carpenter stars as a crooked doctor who is treating a terminally ill crotchety old millionaire.  The old timer has an insanely hot daughter (Maria de Aragon) and she’s always trying to get Pete to hop into the sack with her, but he stupidly says uh-uh.  When Pete’s blackmailed for doing back alley abortions, he schemes with Maria to do her daddy in and grab some of that inheritance cash.  They kill the old man, but as fate would have it, Maria’s equally hot sister (Vicki Peters) is the one who gets the estate.  Predictably, Carpenter makes a play for her in order to get his grubby hands on the loot, which sends Maria in a… you guessed it, Blood Mania.


Promoted as a horror flick, Blood Mania is actually more of a modern day film noir.  Its strengths are that most of the chicks in the cast get naked a lot and/or have long, drawn out sex scenes.  Seriously, whenever the plot threatens to thicken one of the dames will toss all their clothes on the floor and do the horizontal Hokey Pokey with Carpenter.  It’s that kind of movie.  My favorite scene though was when de Aragon tries to seduce the hapless pool boy.  After she pops her top and comes on to him he says, “I’ve heard of people like you!” before turning tail and running away.  What a fucking idiot! 


Blood Mania is not a perfect movie.  I certainly could have done without that Renaissance Fair montage, that’s for damn sure.  The ending kinda sucks, but I’m willing to forgive director Robert Vincent (Avenging Angel) O’Neil since he built the rest of the movie up decently.  That and he threw in lots of topless broads too.


De Aragon later played Greedo in Star Wars.

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