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Lloyd Kaufman and his Troma cronies have been working on this flick for what seemed like FOREVER.  I met him last year at a horror convention and asked him what the deal was and he assured me it was coming out “soon”.  Well it took a long time getting here but dammit, it was well worth the wait!


This Colonel Sanders rip-off guy builds his fast food chicken restaurant on top of an ancient Indian burial ground.  The restless spirits possess the chicken and when people eat it, they turn into chicken faced zombies.  It’s up to one nerdy dude named Arbie and his best gal Wendy (get it, all the characters are named after fast food restaurants) to fight off the ever increasing flock of chicken zombies.  Oh yeah and it’s a musical too!


Poultrygeist is the best flick to come down the Troma sewer drain since Citizen Toxie:  The Toxic Avenger 4.  I couldn’t even begin to describe the carnage that Kaufman unleashes onto the screen.  Okay, I’ll give it a shot:  Blood, slime, semen, and shit sprays everywhere, painting the walls every ten minutes or so.  Heads, eyeballs, arms, legs, cocks, balls, and breasts all get ripped off and eaten and/or deep fried.  Sure, I could tell you all of this but the only way you’d believe me is if you actually check the film out for yourself.  (Which I highly recommend you do.)  There’s also an excellent Jaws parody that made me laugh harder than I have in a long time. 


The film has its share of lulls and probably could’ve done without one or two of the musical numbers but in the end, it’s a damn Troma movie and that’s what really matters.  And it’s one of their best to boot.  Denny, the manager gets the best line of the flick when he says:  “Grab those vein-filled pulsating eggs and put them with the breakfast food!”

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