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Crazy Klaus Kinski strangles a nurse and escapes from the nuthouse and hides out in the castle owned by his twin brother, also played by Kinski.  A black cloaked killer also arrives at the estate and starts bumping people off using a blue claw with retractable razorblade fingers.


This German made Edgar Wallace adaptation is anchored by not one but two eccentric performances by Klaus Kinski.  It’s always fun to watch him ham it up and two Kinskis equal double the fun as the scenes where either Kinski chews the scenery make for good times.  While the murder sequences are light on the red stuff, they are still fairly stylishly staged and shot.  The brief look inside the insane asylum is cool as you get to see lots of nutjobs with a varied assortment of mental deficiencies.  (I especially liked the woman who chronically strips.)  


Unfortunately all of this is thoroughly bland and not very involving.  All the police procedural stuff where the badly dubbed cops try to put together the pieces of the plot are decidedly less interesting than all of the scenes of the crazed Kinski trying to prove his innocence.  The revelation of the killer’s (make that KILLERS’) identity, while a surprise; was poorly done and by the time everything was sorted out, I could honestly say that I didn’t particularly care one way or another.  Still, any movie that gives you two Kinskis for the price of one can’t be all that bad.   


AKA:  The Bloody Dead.  AKA:  The Blue Hand.

Tags: c, horror
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