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MINDWARP (1992) **

In the post-apocalyptic future, everyone lives underground and jacks themselves into a Virtual Reality world to escape.  Judy (Marta Alicia) is tired of all that VR crap and yearns to escape to “the real world”, which is basically just a desert wasteland.  The computer grants Judy her wish and she’s taken topside where hungry mutant cannibals roam.  There she runs into a nomad named Stover (Bruce Campbell) who reluctantly agrees to escort her back home.  Naturally, they get abducted by the mutants and are held prisoner by the “Seer” (The Tall Man himself, Angus Scrimm) who rules over the mutants with an iron fist.  (Make that an iron CLAW as that’s what he uses to scratch people’s eyes out.)  It’s not exactly a warm family reunion for Judy as her pops wants to breed with her in his “hatchery” so he can repopulate the Earth.


Mindwarp was the first film from Fangoria Pictures and while it does feature horror icons Campbell and Scrimm as well as excellent effects by the boys at KNB, it’s definitely not a horror film.  It actually has more in common with your typical run-of-the-mill Sci-Fi Channel Original than anything else.  That said, there is some quality shit to be found in Mindwarp.  Those leeches that crawl through people’s skin and work their way into their victim’s brains were pretty tight and the gore quotient was fairly high.  But for every cool thing the film had going for it, there was a long, dull stretch where not much happened.  Nevertheless, Mindwarp is still the best Total Recall/Mad Max/Hills Have Eyes rip-off of 1992. 


Campbell’s unmistakable charisma carries the flick along way as he can do battle with men in rubber suits like no one else in the business.  It’s the Campbell-less Virtual Reality-heavy scenes that really drag the film down.  At least the film’s dark message (VIRTUAL reality is sometimes better than actual reality) helps to separate Mindwarp from the plethora of other VR themed Sci-Fi movies from the same era. 


Cornelia (Elizabeth Kent), The Tall Man’s second-in-command gets the best line of the movie when she calls Judy a “brainscrew bitch!"

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