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FUZZ (1972) **

Burt Reynolds, Jack Weston, Tom Skerritt and Raquel Welch star as a ragtag group of Boston cops in this meandering action comedy based on Ed McBain’s 87th Precinct novels.  Reynolds goes undercover as a bum to catch a duo of juvenile delinquents who get their kicks by setting homeless people on fire.  Meanwhile Skerritt is trying to figure out a way to stop a mad bomber known only as “The Deaf Man” (Yul Brynner) from blowing up several elected officials.  These plot threads inexplicably merge during the highly unlikely and poorly edited finale that relies heavily on not only incredible coincidence, but sheer stupidity as well. 


I really like Burt, Tom and Raquel, but since Fuzz is one of those ensemble MASH-style deals where characters come in and out of the story and the plot comes and goes as it pleases, none of them get a whole heck of a lot to do.  On top of that, none of the performers have any chemistry together during the ever-so-brief scenes they do spend with each other.  The ending is as sloppy as it is stupid and reeks of either sheer laziness or total incompetence, I’m not sure which.


Director Richard A. Colla’s credits are mostly limited to made-for-TV crap (he’s the man who directed the Brady Bunch expose, Growing Up Brady) so it’s understandable why so much of Fuzz is an unfocused mess.  I will say this for Colla, he does create an authentic blue collar atmosphere in the scenes that take place in the precinct house.  While these scenes work up to a point, it’s the parts where Burt and Tom are running around the city making an ass out of themselves that are totally pathetic.  The scene where Tom and Raquel got stuck in a sleeping bag together was good for a laugh though.


Speaking of Raquel, we do get to see her wearing a bra, but sadly we do not get to see Raquel au natural.

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