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Blast-Off Girls would make a great double feature with Hell’s Bloody Devils as both films feature a cameo by none other than Colonel Harland Sanders!  Also, both flicks pretty much suck balls, so they got that in common too.


A Svengali type music promoter finds a band called The Big Blast and tries to mold them into a marketable teen idol group.  He manipulates them and treats them like dirt, but in the end, they get their revenge during a live television show when they play a song called, “Go ____ Yourself”.


The flick takes a very dim view of the music industry as the manager is into various shady dealings (like staging phony scenes where deranged female fans run up on stage and rip off the bands’ clothes).  This could be an interesting concept, but like most films directed by Herschell Gordon Lewis that don’t feature any gore, it’s barely watchable.  Even the title is a complete letdown as there are no girls in the band.  (The Blast-Off Girls of the title refers to their female fan base.)


Star Ray Sager (a veteran of several Gordon movies) kinda resembles Howlin’ Pelle Almqvist from The Hives when he’s singing on stage.  It’s a shame that the music is terrible though.  You know you’re in trouble when the only thing worth a damn about this turd is the gratuitous Colonel Sanders cameo.  After that minor thrill has worn off, what you’re left with is a predictable, boring mess.

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