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THE COSMIC MAN (1959) **

John Carradine is The Cosmic Man, a shadowy looking alien who comes to Earth in a spaceship shaped like a giant ping pong ball.  Almost immediately, the army wants to turn his technology into some kind of weapon.  The peace-minded scientists, who learned their lesson from the A-Bomb, have other ideas and think that we all could LEARN from the alien being.  Carradine takes human form and tries to help mankind but of course, is misunderstood and killed by the stupid humans.


Often dismissed as a poor man’s The Day the Earth Stood Still, The Cosmic Man isn’t all that bad and is made watchable by a good performance by Carradine.  The biggest problem is that The Cosmic Man takes forever to show his face as the first part of the movie is endlessly padded with scenes of square jawed 50’s military types wanting to exploit the alien ship for their own purposes while the straight-laced scientists ponder the giant ping pong ball’s existence.  


The special effects for the Cosmic Man himself are pretty cool.  Sure he’s just filmed in negative, but even though the effect is economical, it still works rather well.  Unfortunately, the maudlin subplot involving the single mother with her crippled kid is bound to get on your damn nerves.  The syrupy finale where the little handicapped tyke walks for the first time (courtesy of The Cosmic Man) will be enough to put you into a diabetic coma.

Tags: c, sci-fi
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