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FOXES (1980) ** ½

Jodie Foster, Cherie Currie (the lead singer of The Runaways) and two other skanky broads play these horndog teenage girls with shitty home lives who like to go out and party and do a bunch of drugs and stuff.  During the movie, random things happen like they party and do a bunch of drugs and stuff.  Then after they party and do some more drugs, Cherie gets REALLY wasted and hitches a ride with two skeevy swingers who drunkenly plow their car into the back of a garbage truck and kill her.  The End.


There’s nothing particularly wrong with Foxes in theory.  I mean who wouldn’t want to see a bunch of teenage chicks do a bunch drugs and party, right?  What cheesed me off about these girls was that they weren’t slutty enough to make their misadventures wholly worthwhile and they were way too skanky to be completely likeable characters.  Also, there’s only so many times you can hear Donna Summer’s “On the Radio” before you slowly begin to lose your mind.  They play that damn song about twelve times during the damn movie and it gets on your damn nerves real fast.


The performances by the quartet of teeners are adequate at best.  Sure, Foster went on to win ten billion Oscars later on, but here she’s just kind of annoying.  It really says something for your movie when Scott Baio of all people gives the best performance.


Foxes is always watchable though thanks largely to Adrian (Flashdance) Lyne’s direction.  He captures the proceedings with almost a documentarian’s eye and bathes everything in that glossy 80’s sheen he’s known for.  He did a good job on the flick except he kinda dropped the ball when it came to the random ass ending.

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