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The year after he starred in the mega-hit Star Wars, Mark Hamill headlined this lame comedy playing a high school grease monkey who rescues a Corvette Stingray from a junkyard and pimps his ride into a fast racing machine.  When someone steals his beloved car, Mark joins forces with a hooker-in-training (Annie Potts) and heads for Las Vegas to find it.  Middling teenage high jinks ensue.


Corvette Summer had the recipe for a good old fashioned Good Ol’ Boy road comedy.  Boy Loves Car.  Boy Loses Car.  Boy Meets Hooker.  Boy Falls in Love.  Boy Gets Car Back.  Unfortunately the flick is half baked, sluggishly paced and not very funny to boot.


The early scenes of teenagers cruising up and down Van Nuys Boulevard are reminiscent of those in George Lucas’ American Graffiti, which makes sense since director Matthew Robbins worked closely with Lucas on his first film, THX-1138.  These scenes aren’t nearly as much fun as the ones found in that flick and feel more like leftovers from a Crown International movie than anything else.  At any rate, Corvette Summer does provide a halfway decent look at Vegas in the late 70’s.


As much as I love him as Luke Skywalker, I have to admit that without the benefit of a lightsaber, Mark Hamill isn’t much of an actor and has all the screen presence of a Tauntaun.  Potts is even worse and her whiny nasally drawl will get on your damn nerves PDQ.  There is a great cameo by Dick Miller that’s too brief to be of much use.  Fans of the cult classic Laserblast will have fun spotting that film’s star Kim Milford in a supporting role as the leader of the car theft ring. 


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