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A bored wealthy couple invites a man into their home to play intricately plotted games involving sex and murder.  The man takes a liking to the rich man’s wife and together they plot to murder him for his money.  But it’s just a game, isn’t it?


The only good thing about Stuff Stephanie in the Incinerator is its title.  Sadly the title has nothing to do with the movie as the chick’s name isn’t Stephanie (it's Casey) and nobody ever does get stuffed into the goddamned incinerator.  They should’ve stuffed the director in the incinerator instead.


The endless “games” the couple plays with their kidnapped guest gets monotonous after awhile and none of the actors are good enough to pull off any of their “characters” convincingly.  The movie had an OK idea but it plays all of its cards too soon and becomes increasingly predictable as it wears on.  (You’ll be able to see the “twist” ending coming from a mile away.)


Also, for a couple that gets off on kinky sex games, all the sex stuff happens off screen and Stephanie (err... Casey) wears some of the baggiest, ugliest, most unsexy lingerie I’ve ever seen.  Stuff Stephanie in the Incinerator is especially disappointing considering that it was released by Troma, the purveyors of tasteless sleaze.  I mean what else can you say about a PG-13 Troma flick? 


AKA:  In Deadly Heat.

Tags: horror, s, troma
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