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There is a reason why you don’t see many killer frog movies:  Frogs just are NOT scary.  The only two killer frog movies I can think of are Frogs and this turd.  Whereas Frogs featured an army of regular sized frogs wreaking havoc, this one has one human sized frog-man wreaking havoc.  While Frogs at least had an environmental message, Rana:  The Legend of Shadow Lake has all the appeal of watching a complete stranger’s home movies of a long and boring camping trip.  It was directed by Bill Rebane, the man who made such cinematic atrocities such as The Alpha Incident, The Legend of Bigfoot and Twister’s Revenge, so if you’ve seen any of those flicks, you may already know what to expect.


The plot has a half-human frog monster swimming around a small town lake eating fishermen and hunters.  A forest ranger, a lady scientist and a young whippersnapper try to figure out the reason behind all the disappearances and eventually track the creature to its underground lair. 


Basically it’s The Creature from the Black Lagoon on a $6.58 budget.


The Legend of Boggy Creek was a big hit around the time that this flick was released, so Rebane was going for that whole “Is it fact or fiction?” thing.  The problem with that approach is that where a Bigfoot type monster MAY be a tad realistic, a half man-half frog just simply is not.  The film is filled with long boring scenes with Opie Taylor type kids fishing and camping that will just put you to sleep after awhile.  The constant annoying voiceovers and narration will also wear on your last nerve.


The gore is OK.  We get a spear gun through the chest, a fishing hook through the throat, and a couple decent shots of half-digested fishermen.  The frog-man suit is too stupid to be taken seriously and isn’t quite awful enough to be good for a laugh, so it’s pretty useless.  The final shot promises us a sequel, which thankfully never happened.


Troma later got a hold of this and re-released it under the name Croaked:  The Frog Monster from Hell; which didn’t really do it any favors either.


AKA:  Croaked:  The Frog Monster from Hell.  AKA:  Rana:  The Creature from Shadow Lake.  AKA:  Ranna.

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