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TOWER OF LONDON (1962) ** ½

Vincent Price stars in this remake of the 1939 film (in which is also starred in a different role) as the hunchbacked Richard III, Duke of Gloucester who murders his brother in order to sit on the throne of England.  Throughout the course of the movie, he murders anyone who gets in his way (or sends them to his torture dungeon, whichever is more convenient) and is consequently tormented by his victims from beyond the grave.  Of course, since this is Vincent Price we’re talking about, he wigs out big time whenever he sees one of these apparitions.    


As a drama, Tower of London is largely a failure.  The film is little more than a series of scenes of Price murdering his relatives and then being haunted by their ghosts afterwards.  This gets a bit repetitive after awhile and the movie often feels like it’s just chasing its tail. 


As a Vincent Price movie though, it works.  If you’re a fan of Price, you really owe it to yourself to check him out in this flick.  Price is great while giving long winded soliloquies, arguing with the ghosts of his dead relatives and when sentencing people to be tortured.


Speaking of torture, the scenes of people being whipped, placed on the rack, and having hungry rats unleashed onto their face are well done, although they really are quite tame.  The film’s weakness is that it’s more of a costume drama than a horror movie.  When you have Roger Corman behind the camera and Vincent Price on screen hamming it up, you have high expectations and Tower of London just doesn’t live up to them.  I personally loved seeing Price off his rocker and there were enough scenes of him acting nuttier than a squirrel turd for me to at least give the flick ** ½.


Price naturally gets the best line of the movie when he says, “Do you think my affection is as warped as my back?”

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