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RAW MEAT (1973) *

An inbred cannibal living underground in London’s abandoned subway system comes up from the darkness every once and awhile to chow down on unsuspecting Londoners.  When his pregnant wife dies in childbirth, Mr. Cannibal goes crazy and abducts an annoying chick and tries to put the moves on her.  Eventually, her idiot American boyfriend calls the cops and they come and rescue her.


Raw Meat had the potential to be an entertaining horror flick, but you can tell that director Gary (Poltergeist 3) Sherman has a lot of contempt for the genre.  Sherman is more concerned with complicated camera moves and arty lighting than actually delivering scares.  He squandered every opportunity for suspense and kept things so dark that you couldn’t tell what was going on half the time.  It also didn’t help that this movie was paced like old people fuck:  slow and sloppy.  We’re talking Snoozeville here.


Donald Pleasence is the only memorable thing about this turd.  His off kilter performance as the Inspector on the case who goes bonkers whenever he doesn’t get a cup of tea is pretty funny, even though it obviously belongs in another movie.  Christopher Lee sticks around long enough to cash a check and is very good in his one and only scene with Pleasence. 


There are a handful of impressive special effects of half-eaten corpses and some adequate moments of gore (an axe to the skull, impaling, rat eating, etc.), although not nearly as many as there should’ve been.  One could only imagine what kind of movie Sherman could’ve made had he not overdosed on Nyquil before filming started.  Oh well.  Sherman later went on to direct the grossly underrated Wanted:  Dead or Alive. 


AKA:  Death Line.

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