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A camping trip between a father and son goes horribly wrong when it ends with the father stepping into a bear trap.  The dude eventually dies and the kid ends up cannibalizing his dear old dad.  Ten years later, the local kids start disappearing off into the woods, returning only to murder and torture their parents.  Sometimes, the more “grown-up” of the children will breed with the kidnapped womenfolk to propagate the race of killer kiddies.  While the small town community sits idly by and does nothing, one man stands up to the murderous munchkins and sets out to get his daughter back.


Basically it’s Children of the Corn Without the Corn; and a breeding subplot thrown in to justify putting some titties on screen.  The flick may move slower than molasses but the scenes of crazed kiddies killing kinfolk are kinda humorous I guess.  It’s just a shame that the first half of the film had to be chockfull of long boring scenes of pointless exposition and amateurish acting.


The gore is pretty good.  A guy gets cut in half, there’s a slashed throat, rats gnawing on people’s faces, impalings, and an assortment of stabbings.  As great as the scenes of the children killing their parents are; the finale where the townspeople say enough is enough and get their revenge by shooting, stabbing and pitchforking little kids to death is even better.  There are also a couple cool shots of half eaten victims of the children’s lust for meat thrown in there as well. 


A crusty old Bible salesman gets the best line of the movie when he says, “Don’t get your bowels in an uproar!”

Tags: b, horror, troma

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