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Dave Walker (Bruno VeSota) is a fat cuckold shopkeeper who hates the fact that his hot wife (Yvette Vickers) is cheating on him.  Since there are a bunch of overgrown leeches lurking around the swamp draining trappers of their blood, he decides to pull a shotgun on the lovers and force them to go swimming.  After the leeches attack their prey, they bring them back to their underwater cavern so the giant bloodsuckers can get nourishment whenever they want.  After a couple more deaths, the bland game warden (the bland Ken Clark) finally decides to dynamite the leeches back to the Stone Age.


Attack of the Giant Leeches was a no-frills cheapie produced by Roger Corman that appeared on a double feature with A Bucket of Blood.  Usually flicks produced by Corman have their merits, but this one is pretty bad.  It’s definitely good for some unintentional laughs though.


The first half of the movie which primarily focuses on Vicker’s philandering is a dull slice of southern fried melodrama.  Things don’t necessarily improve once the giant leeches themselves show up.  The leeches are hilarious as they are nothing more than dudes wearing garbage bags.  The attack scenes are equally ridiculous.  Most of the time, their victims are required to throw themselves out of their boats and into the water in order for the giant leeches to attack them.  It’s pathetic.


Although most of the acting is horrid, Vickers is fun to watch as the tantalizing trailer trash temptress and VeSota has some good moments as her vengeful hubby.  Their efforts are wasted as the movie moves like it’s stuck in swamp muck.  Even if you catch this on Mystery Science Theater 3000, it’s still something of a chore to get through; wisecracking robots or not. 


Corman also got director Bernard L. Kowalski to helm Night of the Blood Beast, which economically also features the same score as this movie.


AKA:  Attack of the Blood Leeches.  AKA:  Demons of the Swamp.  AKA:  She Demons of the Swamp.  AKA:  The Giant Leeches.

Tags: a, horror, mst3k, roger corman

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