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A quartet of well-to-do scumbags led by Charlie picks up a sexy hitchhiker named Cindy and brings her back to his cabin in the woods.  There, they get her drunk and stoned and she ends up making time with Charlie’s half-brother.  When Charlie finds out, he gets jealous and rapes Cindy.  She wants to press charges but feels guilty when one of the guys commits suicide.  After a lot of legal maneuvering, things are finally settled out of court, and by out of court I mean that Charlie’s psychotic ex-girlfriend escapes from the nuthouse and stabs him to death.


Yeah, it’s another one of those oddball flicks that Troma picked up and slapped a crazy title on to make you think you were getting some kind of a great movie.  While Deadly Daphne DOES get her revenge, it happens about three minutes before the end credits start rolling.  Her character is mentioned in passing here and there but her appearance kinda comes out of left field, which is a little jarring to say the least.


Despite the WTF title and ending, Deadly Daphne’s Revenge is an OK way to spend 90 minutes.  Even though the flick has the look and feel of a Matlock episode drawn out to feature length and showcases none of Troma’s trademark gore, it’s never boring and keeps your attention for the most part.  I also had some fun spotting a young James (The Fresh Prince of Bel Air) Avery earning a paycheck as a hot-headed detective.


AKA:  The Hunting Season.

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