The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
The Video Vacuum


Some college students disturb the grave of an Indian witch doctor in the Florida Everglades. The corpse can change itself into snakes, sharks, and alligators that attack the kids and teach them to stay out of his swamp. (Though what a shark would be doing in a swamp I still haven’t figured out). In the end, he rises from his tomb looking as he did in his younger days to attack the professors (I guess he ran out of animals to change into) and falls into some quicksand. With a Paper Mache “Tomb”, rubber snakes and fake cobwebs. The heavy padding of scenes of people walking, stock footage of swamp creatures that don’t match the action, and go-go dancing was too much for me to stomach. The dialogue includes lines like “How awful!’ “This is sheer nonsense!” and “That’s terrible!” My sentiments exactly. Director William Grefe also directed the similarly themed Seminole-Using-Snakes-To-Kill-The-White-Man movie, Stanley.
Tags: d, horror
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