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THE VAMPIRE BAT (1933) ***

Fay Wray starred in ELEVEN movies during the great year of 1933.  Among them were the classics King Kong, Mystery of the Wax Museum, and this flick.  It’s not quite up to par with those films, but it’s still kinda fun.


A bunch of townsfolk are found completely drained of their blood with two little puncture wounds on their necks.  The bat obsessed village idiot is the main suspect, but after he winds up dead, suspicion falls on a seemingly kindly doctor who’s doing bizarre experiments with human blood.


Unlike most horror flicks, the characters come to realize that they are dealing with a vampire early in the movie.  One of the surprises of the flick though is that they end up being wrong!  I won’t give away exactly how it all turns out, but I will say that people looking for an honest to goodness vampire movie may be more than a tad disappointed by this one.


The cast is excellent.  We've got Lionel (Son of Frankenstein) Atwill as the mad doctor, Dwight (Dracula) Frye as the village idiot, Melvyn (Ghost Story) Douglas as the snooping detective, and of course, the original scream queen herself; Fay Wray.  These old pros elevate what easily could’ve been a forgettable Poverty Row programmer and makes The Vampire Bat worth a look for any fan of old school horror flicks.


The Vampire Bat ranks a solid Number Seven on the Video Vacuum Top Ten for the Year 1933, just below the Bela Lugosi thriller The Death Kiss and right above the Halperin Brothers’ Supernatural.


AKA:  Blood Sucker.  AKA:  Forced to Sin.

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