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THE NEWLYDEADS (1987) ** ½

I feel sicker than a damned dog because my sinuses have gone completely haywire this week.  As I sit typing this, I have snot running out of my nose the consistency of Nickelodeon Floam, so I’ll keep this review short and sweet.


THE PLOT:  A sleazy guy who owns a lodge for honeymooning couples gets hit on by a tranny and he gets so mad that he kills the he-she.  15 years later on the sleazy guy’s wedding day, the zombie/ghost of the tranny comes back to drive him insane and force him to kill his guests.  Meanwhile, an irritating psychic tries to figure everything out.


THE GORE:  Surprisingly not bad.  There is an ice pick to the temple, a kitchen knife to the stomach, a pole through the mouth, and a pretty nifty decapitation.


NUDITY:  A lot of 80’s bimbos with heavy duty make-up show off their jugs in the shower, the Jacuzzi and in bed.  All C cups and above, all natural too.


IS IT WORTH A SHIT?:  Yeah it’s not bad.  Not great, but it makes for a breezy way to kill 75 minutes.  The flick has the look of an 80’s porno.  That’s not a good thing or a bad thing; just an observation.  I had fun watching Jay (Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers) Richardson as the husband of the stupid psychic and spotting a young Doug (Fantastic Four:  Rise of the Silver Surfer) Jones as a punk rocker.  A lot of the flick didn’t make much sense and was blatantly stupid.  That’s okay though because this is the only movie I can think of that features a zombie tranny.  You at least have to give the filmmakers credit for trying something a little different I guess.  It's certainly a lot better than most of the Troma movies I've been watching lately.

Tags: horror, n, troma, zombie
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