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Exploitation entrepreneur Fred Olen (Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers) Ray bought an old, barely released Moonshine movie from the 70’s, added a few scenes of an ancient looking John Carradine talking about God knows what and sold it off to Troma, who naturally re-titled it.  The results aren’t great but it’s better than most re-titled Troma movies.  The plot has four big city jewel thieves on the lam in hillbilly country who seeks shelter with a crazy moonshiner and his sultry wife.  When one of the sleazy thieves seduces the sexy wife, it leads to jealousy, catfights, and murder.


The biggest problem I had with the film is that it was filled with long scenes of the jewel thieves walking through the woods while A) Idiotic ominous music played in the background.  B) Idiotic banjo music played in the background.  C)  No music played in the background.  There isn’t a whole lot of massacring going on either, but if you are patient you’ll get to see a death by moonshine jug, a pitchfork to the throat, and a gunshot to the forehead.


The acting is subpar.  One of the thieves had an annoying British accent and looked like James Lipton and the supposed hillbillies really overdo it on their Southern accents.  It was also sad seeing an obviously close-to-death Carradine being paraded around so callously by Ray.  (It looked like his scenes were shot in Ray’s backyard in about an hour.)  At least Ashley Brookes, who played the sexy wife, is pretty good and shows off her nice rack during her sex scene. 


AKA:  Honey Britches.  AKA:  Death Farm.  AKA:  Hillbilly Hooker.  AKA:  Little Whorehouse on the Prairie.  AKA:  Moonshiner’s Women.  AKA:  Shantytown Honeymoon.

Tags: d, exploitation, horror, troma
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