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Christopher Lee stars as the director of a lurid stage show in which hot women are realistically murdered on stage.  While preparing his latest play about vampires, people start being murdered in real life.  Since all of the victims have neck wounds that resemble vampire bites, Lee is naturally the prime suspect.


You would think that a movie in which Christopher Lee murders people in front of an audience would be a blast.  You’d be wrong though.  Even though Lee is charismatic, the script doesn’t give him very much to do except act like an asshole.  Once he’s out of the picture, things slow down considerably.  Julian (The Empire Strikes Back) Glover makes for a decent hero, yet his role is underwritten and his character doesn’t make much of an impact on the plot.


Although Theatre of Death has an ideal setting for a horror movie (Lee’ theater is based on the Grand Guignol Theatre in Paris), it doesn’t really do too much with it.  The film unfortunately squanders it’s potentially intriguing premise, has a habit of bogging down frequently and overall is really boring to tell you the truth.  While the identity of the real killer is something of a surprise, the murderer comes to an unsatisfactory end.  So does the movie.


AKA:  Blood Fiend.  AKA:  The Female Fiend.

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