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SON OF GODZILLA (1967) ***

Scientists on a tropical island are doing a bunch of weird experiments that result in praying mantises growing to enormous size.  While a few mantises are throwing some dirt around, they unearth a giant egg which contains Minya, the Son of Godzilla.  The hungry insects try to chow own on poor defenseless Minya and Godzilla has to kick the crap out of some oversized bugs.  He body slams one bug and then uses his fire-breath on two others before the other one beats cheeks.  After being somewhat of a deadbeat dad (Godzilla likes to sleep a lot), the G-Man eventually teaches his kid how to blow his fire-breath.  When a giant spider tries to turn Minya into a cocoon, Godzilla once again has to kick some overgrown insect ass.  In the end, Godzilla finally gets to take his much needed nap.


I’m a diehard Godzilla fan; and while I personally prefer G-Man when he’s big and bad and mean, stomping on cities and turning people into crispy critters with his fire-breath to his more kid-friendly later years, even I have to admit that Son of Godzilla is a lot of fun.  The scenes of Godzilla and Minya having father and son bonding time are surprisingly touching.  The part when Minya hitches a ride on his daddy’s tail is... well....  Look, I’m not the kind of guy who throws around the word “cute” a lot, but that’s what that little sucker is, cute.  And then there’s the classic scene where Daddy Godzilla teaches his son how to breathe fire and he just blows smoke rings, which is just about the best scene in any Godzilla movie. 


Anyone with half a heart couldn’t help but love this movie.  Sure, like most Godzilla movies, it takes a long time for the G-Man to put in an appearance and the scenes featuring the human actors will bore you to tears.  Would I have preferred Godzilla squaring off against other gigantic monsters instead of a bunch of cranky insects?  Of course.  That’s okay though because Godzilla still kicks their ass and even gives little Minya a chance to get his licks in too.


Godzilla’s next stop was in Destroy All Monsters.


AKA:  Monster’s Island Decisive Battle:  Godzilla’s Son.

Tags: cult, godzilla series, horror, s, sequel
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