The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
The Video Vacuum

DEATH RAGE (1976) **

Antonio Margheriti (AKA: Anthony M. Dawson) directed dozens of Italian movies from horror to science fiction to exploitation. He also did this ho-hum gangster flick. Yul (Westworld) Brynner stars as a hitman from New York who goes to Italy to rub out the Mafioso who murdered his brother. The Bald One throws guys in front of subway cars and wigs out (no pun intended) when having red tinted flashbacks. It’s pretty unremarkable and routine (except for Brynner’s flashbacks), but Brynner is good and Barbara (Agent for HARM) Bouchet looks great naked. Martin (Mitchell) Balsam co-stars. The music sounds like a Peter Gunn rip-off, but it’s still pretty good.

AKA: Anger in His Eyes.
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