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GAS PUMP GIRLS (1979) *** ½

June just graduated from high school and has no job prospects, so when her uncle (Huntz Hall of the Bowery Boys fame) has a heart attack, she readily agrees to take over his gas station.  To lure customers away from the bigwig gas station across the street, June and her sexy friends all wear skimpy clothes and fill people’s tanks in a very suggestive manner.  The rival station doesn’t like losing money to a bunch of girls so they send some hitmen to rough up the gals and their biker boyfriends come to their rescue.  When that doesn’t work, they have the oil company put an embargo on June’s station.  In the end, June and the girls make a plea to the big oil company to get their gas back.


Man, this movie is just as topical now as it was when it was released.  It’s every blue collar person’s dream.  I mean who hasn’t wanted to take on Big Oil head to head?  And since it’s girls in very skimpy outfits pleading the case of the working man, it makes it that much better.


In fact, Gas Pump Girls is better than you’d expect in just about every department.  There are all the double entendres about various automotive parts (like “crank shaft”, “lube job”, and “piston rods”), nudity, and dumb teenage hijinks you’d expect from a flick like this, but the film always goes that extra mile and tosses in an unexpected extra laugh or two.  And that scene where the girls learn how to pump gas is a classic.


The cast is better than average.  There’s Kirsten Baker (the chick who went skinny-dipping and never came back in Friday the 13th Part 2), Sandy Johnson (Michael Myers’ sister from Halloween), and Dennis (Van Nuys Blvd.) Bowen.  The funniest dude is Joe E. Ross from Car 54, Where Are You?  The scene where he did his familiar catchphrase, “Oooh!  Oooh!” when he saw the naked gas pumpers was flat out hysterical. 


Gas Pump Girls is a classic of its kind and while it has its slower patches here and there, it never fails to put a smile on your face.  And oh yeah, did I mention it was a MUSICAL!  Okay, so there’s only one musical number, but it’s truly great one and the soundtrack is filled with some excellent tunes as well.


The excellent ad campaign read:  “They give new meaning to the term ‘full-service station!’”

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