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In the opening scene of Feast 2:  Sloppy Seconds, a major character, someone we are supposed to “root” for, guns down a dog in cold blood.  This is about the most humane thing a main character does in the movie.  Feast 2 features more loathsome characters I’ve ever seen in a horror film.  Or any film for that matter.  And I’m using the term “film” loosely here, people.


During the course of Feast 2, cowardly characters will feed another character to the flesh-hungry humanoid monsters with the sole intent of saving their own necks.  Normally this would be OK, but the characters who get sacrificed are (in reverse order) a midget, an elderly grandmother and a baby. 


The scene where the cowardly character throws a baby to the monsters is probably one of the most repugnant scenes in film history.  We see the baby floating happily in the air in slow motion until it splats down on the pavement in a pool of blood, crying.  THEN the monsters rip it apart.  Midgets and grandmothers are one thing, but a baby is just too much.


Usually I love my movies gory and disgusting, but this baby scene was going too far.  I don’t even have kids (that I know of anyway) and this scene even offended me.  Now I don’t want to sound like Roger Ebert when he condemned I Spit on Your Grave or anything because I Spit on Your Grave is a classic.  Feast 2 on the other hand is a steaming pile of shit that is depressingly devoid of any humanity whatsoever.


I was a big fan of the original Feast and was hopeful that part 2 would be just as much fun since it was from the same writers and director.  I was wrong.  None of these people should ever be allowed anywhere near a camera (or a baby for that matter) again.  It should also be noted that this film features some pretty decent midget Mexican wrestling.  You know I must really hate a movie is it features midget Mexican wrestling and I’m still giving it the No Stars treatment.


It took me 362 days to find the worst movie of the year.  Auld Ange Syne. 

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