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EVIL DEAD TRAP (1988) ** ½

Nami (Miyuki Ono) is a chick who hosts a Night Flight type of show in which she plays home movies sent in by her viewers.  One night someone sends her a snuff movie of a woman being killed.  Along with some of her colleagues, Nami finds the warehouse where the murder took place and they investigate.  Everyone starts dropping like flies pretty quickly until only Nami is left to contend with the murderer, who has a mother fixation and a really odd brother. 


Despite the title, the film is less an Evil Dead rip-off (although there is a lot of swooping POV camerawork) and more of a Dario Argento style horror flick.  The filmmakers ape Argento’s style left and right and lift a lot of things from Phenomena too.  Seeing an Italian influenced Japanese horror flick is a bit discombobulating to say the least but Evil Dead Trap delivers the goods more often than not, which is more than I can say for most Japanese horror flicks.


The flick does have its share of problems though, chief among them is the fact that most of the cast gets killed off too quickly, leaving the heroine way too much time to hang around and do a lot of nothing.  This makes the second act of the film a bit dull, however once the murderer’s malevolent murderous munchkin sibling makes his messy entrance, things perk up considerably.  The final shot is quite memorable and is really sick too.


Speaking of sick, there’s an eyeball stabbing scene in this movie that ranks right up there with the one from Zombie.  That’s right folks, it’s that gross.  We also get to see a bunch of steel skewers shoved through a girl, a pole punched through the back of some guy’s head and out his mouth, strangulation, decapitation, and a gnarly machete to the face.  There’s also some nudity in there to keep the horndogs in the audience happy as well.


Ono gets the best line of the movie when she tells the killer:  “Split personality or mama freak?  Either way, you’re crazy!”

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