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HANCOCK (2008) ***

Will Smith stars as Hancock, a superhero with a surly demeanor, a bad drinking problem, and a horrible public image.  When Hancock saves the life of a PR man named Ray (Jason Bateman), he returns the favor by giving Hancock some much needed good publicity.  Trouble starts brewing though when Hancock learns that Ray’s hottie wife (Charlize Theron) is actually a superhero too.  Hancock also starts losing his powers, which isn’t a good thing since his hook-handed nemesis is looking to kill him.


As directed by Peter (The Kingdom) Berg, Hancock is an uneven but entertaining mindless summer movie.  The fact that I finally got around to watching it in the winter time probably knocked a ½ * off the rating, since at home it loses a little something on the small screen.  While the first half of the flick is great, with the drunken Hancock flying around the city and causing untold amounts of property damage; once Theron reveals her true identity (a “twist” that you can see coming a mile away), the movie threatens to go off the rails. 


Luckily the movie is saved by the considerable charisma of Smith.  Usually I can take or leave Big Willie Style, but he’s proved with this and I Am Legend that he’s capable of doing other stuff besides his usual “Aw, Hell no!” shtick.  Bateman is also mighty fine and he and Smith have a lot of chemistry together.  It’s just a shame that he isn’t given a whole lot to do during the third act.


Naturally, Smith gets the best line of the movie when he tells a gawking onlooker:  “I will break my foot off in your ass, woman!”

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