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“I needed sex, and I needed it now!” 


That’s the rationale Maria (Uta Erickson) gives for answering a sex ad that requests a full time sex servant.  Since she is bored of parading around naked for the neighbors and her lesbian lover isn’t socking it to her like she should, Maria heads on over to the home of Spenser (the director, Michael Findlay), the titular wheelchair bound degenerate.  There, she has sex with a bunch of lesbians, has extended nude photo sessions and has more sex with a bunch of lesbians.  To keep her always ready for more sex, Spenser drugs her up with an intravenous aphrodisiac, which looked pretty effective from where I was sitting.  In the end, Spenser’s manservant Bruno (Earl Hindman) gets jealous of all the attention his master gets so he switches Maria’s aphrodisiac with a psychotic substance that makes her go crazy and murder Spenser.


I’m a big fan of Findlay’s Flesh Trilogy, and while The Ultimate Degenerate isn’t quite in the same league as those flicks, it’s still a pretty decent slice of sexploitation.  Like The Curse of Her Flesh, this film features a chick pleasuring herself with a vegetable.  Somebody also must have had an insanely powerful whipped cream fetish because this flick is loaded with scenes of girls getting whipped cream squirted on them.  There’s also a disturbing scene in which a girl gets fucked by a dildo that gives her electric shocks too.


The Ultimate Degenerate isn’t exactly a “good” movie.  It’s technically crude and the flimsy plot goes nowhere for the better half of its 71 minute running time.  Then again, it features a chick naked in just about every scene and has a high quotient of lesbianism, so what more can you really ask from a movie?  Granted, most of the chicks are Butterfaces, but I’m not really going to complain since the nudity is so copious.  While the majority of the film looks awfully shoddy, the freakout scene in which our heroine sees a lot of lingerie clad chicks wearing gas masks was particularly well done.


Hindman later went on to play Tim Allen’s neighbor Wilson on Home Improvement!


Best line:  “It’s 1969, so let’s 69!”


AKA:  The Degenerate.

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