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Lusting Hours is a sloppy, slapdash, slipshod, “expose” of women who sell their bodies for sex.  It features a generous amount of nudity and is broken up into three segments.  The first segment is called “House Girls” and is primarily about women who hock their hoo-has in a brothel (“sometimes called a road house”).  The second part, “Street Girls” is mostly about prostitutes who pick up Johns on the street and the final portion, “Call Girls” is all about, well… call girls.


If you notice in that first paragraph I used the words like “primarily” and “mostly” to describe the plots of the various segments of the movie.  That’s because this flick will go off on a tangent about halfway through a segment and start focusing on something totally unrelated when it should be telling you all about what the title is promising.  For instance during the “House Girls” part of the movie, the flick switches gears midstream and starts focusing on photographer’s models.  This is all well and good, but these girls don’t even work in the brothel!  Instead of shoehorning these girls into the “House Girls” chapter, the filmmakers should’ve made a separate segment reserved just for the photographer’s models.  Also, the “Street Girls” section focuses more on gay street hustlers than female prostitutes!  C’mon, isn’t the title of this part called “Street GIRLS”?  Talk about a rip-off. 


On the plus side, the flick does contain a bunch of girls getting naked and that’s always a good thing.


AKA:  The Love Hours.  AKA:  The Wanting Hours.

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