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IN HOT BLOOD (1968) **

Rita is this horse-faced chick who wants to be a nude model so she goes to an apartment where some greasy photographer measures her humongous breasts.  He then invites her to a swinging party where she eats a banana suggestively while other people participate in an orgy.  Rita starts hanging out with a bunch of freaky types and doing drugs and stuff and generally becomes a slut.  One day, her whorish bliss is cut short by a junkie tramp wielding a meat cleaver who chops her hand off and hacks her up. 


Like most of these 60’s nudie flicks from Something Weird, In Hot Blood isn’t very good, but it’s got a lot of chicks showing off their Swanson dinners.  This one features S & M, topless dancing, threeways, nude body painting, catfights, lesbianism, nipple icing, and bubble baths.  A lot of the girls are straight-up dogs, although that shouldn’t stop you from ogling their boobs.  There’s also a great jazzy score that totally rocks.


Sure, it’s all filmed like a second rate stag flick, but since In Hot Blood really is a second rate stag flick, you can’t really hold that against it.  Since the movie was shot silent, we have to rely on a narrator to supply us with every last little useless detail.  Usually what he has to say is redundant as most of the time he tells you stuff you can witness with your own two eyes.  It gets damned annoying after awhile.  The film probably would’ve been better off as a silent movie.  (And by silent movie I mean one of those silent movies you have to pay a quarter to watch two minutes at a time.)


The narrator gets the best line of the movie (in fact he gets the ONLY lines of the movie) when he says, “Sex had become as casual as a handshake!”

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