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Wow, this is one weird ass movie.  As much as I hate the term, “So Bad It’s Good”, it’s a fitting description for a lot of cheesy movies.  Yor, The Hunter from the Future on the other hand deserves its own category.  It’s “So Bad It’s… Still Pretty Bad, But You Won’t Be Able to Take Your Eyes Off It”.


It’s all about this caveman dude named Yor (Reb Brown from Howling 2) who saves a hot cavegirl (played by the hot chick from Moonraker) from a triceratops by hacking it up with his axe.  Afterwards, some bad cavemen kidnap her and Yor rescues her by ripping off the wings of a bat and turning them into a makeshift hang glider.  When Yor starts making cute with another caveskank, the chick from Moonraker gets all kinds of jealous, but when once that bitch gets killed, she forgives him.  Then she gets kidnapped AGAIN and is attacked by ANOTHER dinosaur (a stegosaurus this time) and Yor has to rescue her AGAIN. 


Things start getting bizarre once Yor captains a Viking ship to a strange island ran by the evil Overlord (John Steiner from Caligula).  This Overlord guy looks like he stole his wardrobe from The Emperor and commands an army of robots that bear more than a passing resemblance to Darth Vader.  Since this island is all futuristic and shit, Yor trades out his axe for a laser gun and blasts the Hell out of a bunch of robots and leads the resistance against the Overlord.  The final confrontation between Yor and the Overlord is hilarious as Yor opts to not use his laser gun against his mortal enemy and instead takes a pole and shoves it though the Overlord’s abdomen.  Then, Yor gets on a spaceship with his new pals and flies off into the sunset. 




I think there is a really great cheese fest hiding somewhere in Yor, but director Antonio Margheriti couldn’t find it.  It has all the ingredients worthy of a really great cheese fest.  Barbarians, dinosaurs, robots, spaceships; yet somehow it doesn’t completely work.  I think might’ve helped if the flick didn’t switch gears so suddenly from being a Conan rip-off to being a Star Wars rip-off.  I know that the flick was edited down from a four hour Italian mini-series to 88 minutes, but the shift in tone is so strange that it gives the audience whiplash.  It also stunk that a large chunk of the movie consisted of nothing but Yor rescuing his girlfriend from various perils.  After about the fourth caveman attack, it gets old after awhile.


That’s not to say that there isn’t some good cheese to be found here.  First and foremost is the theme song.  It sounds pretty much the way Queen’s Flash Gordon theme song would’ve sounded like if Freddy Mercury was about seven times gayer than he already was.  That is to say the song fucking rocks.  


Brown is hilarious as Yor, as he more or less resembles Bam Bam Flintstone on steroids.  The dinosaur scenes are also a lot of fun.  The dino effects are passable and Brown convincingly battles them in a believable fashion.  Also, some of the Star Wars shit will just make your jaw drop.  Remember the scene in A New Hope when Luke and Leia swung over the open pit in the Death Star?  Well, Yor contains a similar scene except with two loincloth clad barbarians.  Also, all of the futuristic scenes look like they were shot in a boiler room, which adds to the unintended hilarity.  


Yor is no Plan 9 or anything, but if it isn’t the best Barbarian vs. Robots in a Boiler Room Movie of 1983, I’ll eat my hat.


AKA:  Yor.  AKA:  The World of Yor.

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