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THE GIRL FROM S.I.N. (1966) ** ½

Dr. Sexus, a low rent Fu Manchu type villain wants to get his hands on a pill that makes people invisible so he hires a hot assassin named Poontang Plenty, Agent 0069 to steal the formula from an absent-minded scientist.  The scientist’s hot assistant becomes invisible and sneaks in to Sexus’ lair to retrieve the formula but she gets captured when the pill unexpectedly wears off.  It’s then up to the bumbling scientist to take his own formula in order to save his sultry secretary from the clutches of Sexus.


Since it was 1966 and James Bond Mania was in full swing, a super spy sex movie just had to happen.  The Girl from S.I.N. is the kind of movie that defies criticism.  (Although one complaint that I did have with the film was that it was a little light in the nudity department.)  Here’s a laundry list of stuff to expect from this movie.  If you like more than half of the stuff that’s on this list; then I’d say you’ll probably like the film.


Low budget James Bond rip-offs.  If you like James Bond movies where the girls have funny names, then you’ll like this flick.  Even though she’s a villainous spy, Poontang Plenty is still one of the greatest names never used in a James Bond movie.


Foot fetishes.  There’s a L-O-N-G pre-title sequence in which Poontang Plenty pours champagne on a guy’s feet and sucks on his toes before sticking him in the back of the neck with her hairpin.  If you have a foot fetish, you’ll more than likely bust a nut before the credits even start.


Constant narration.  Do you like black and white nudie flicks from the 60’s that are shot silently and have tons of pointless narration?  Well in The Girl from S.I.N., the narrator can’t even pronounce simple second grade words.  (He calls a “laser beam” a “lasser beam”.)  The results are often hilarious.


Naked photo shoots.  Do you like scenes of horny photographers taking pictures of nude models?  Well, you’ll eat this movie up.  The highlight of the nude modeling scenes comes during a photo session for a milk ad where a naked chick gets photographed drinking a glass of milk suggestively.  Man, those milk moustache ads they have today aren’t nearly as effective as the ones in this movie.


Low budget mad scientist movies.  This flick has a mad scientist “laboratory” that consists of one table, a microscope, and an anatomy chart.  Like every other set in the movie, it’s basically a redressed hotel room.


Kung fu.  The Girl from S.I.N. features a karate chopping belly dancer assassin who smashes boards with her bare hands.  She also uses her karate moves on one guy, but that’s about it.


Low budget Invisible Man movies.  This movie features an invisible woman and since the budget was non-existent, the special effects of her becoming invisible are nothing more than jump cuts.  Plus, there are shots of doors opening and closing to signify to the audience that the “invisible” woman just left the room.  Predictably, there are also fight scenes where actors have to fight an “invisible” man and have to pretend that they’re getting beaten up.  Funny stuff. 


Light S & M.  There is a scene where a chick gets tied up and abused.  It’s not much, but hardcore bondage freaks should get off on it.


If you like any or all of these things, then you should enjoy The Girl from S.I.N.  For me, the film needed a tad bit more nudity in order to get the *** treatment.  Your mileage may vary however.

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