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SHE MOB (1968) **

Big Shim (Marni Castle) is this enormous bull dyke that dresses like Erotica era Madonna who along with her all female gang kidnap a stud from a rich woman named Brenda (also Castle) and ask for $100,000 in ransom money.  Not content with losing her man, Brenda calls upon a female detective named “Sweetie East” (Monique Duval) to get her lover back.  In the end, Sweetie decides she wants to keep the stud for herself and they do the humpty dance together. 


I’ve heard this movie described as John Waters-esque, but that is being way too generous.  Sure, She Mob is tacky and gaudy like a 70’s era Waters flick, but it’s nowhere near as much fun.  The big crime is that the sex scenes meander on and on and aren’t very sexy to boot.  Take for instance the long bathtub fuck scene that opens the movie.  Not only does it show way too much of the dude’s ass and hardly any of the chick, it goes on FOREVER.  Then there are the scenes in which Big Shim watches people fuck.  There’s a lot of leering close-ups of her nasty face as she constantly sweats and licks her lips.  Not exactly the sexiest thing in the world, that’s for sure.  This flick also must be one of the earliest films to feature girls with grody looking silicone implant scars too.


That’s enough sex talk; let’s move on to the violence.  Well, there ain’t a whole lot to talk about.  While there is one classic cigarette-to-the-belly-button scene, the violence in the film for the most part is pretty tame.


Castle plays Big Shim more convincingly than she does Brenda, which is mostly due to her extremely mannish face.  She’s still pretty good in both roles though.  At least Duval is smoking hot, especially while wearing her tight ass spandex suit.  The title sequence is pretty great too; it’s just a shame that what follows it isn’t all that memorable. 


Best line:  “It isn’t how big it is, it’s how you make it big!”

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