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ROGUE (2008) **

A bunch of tourists take a boat out through the rivers of Australia and become menaced by a giant crocodile.  The hungry croc munches his way through the cast until he grabs a hold of the foxy tour guide (Radha Mitchell) and takes her back to his cave.  Upstanding American hero (Michael Vartan) gallantly sneaks into the croc’s hideout and does battle with the beast in order to rescue the hot slice of Aussie tang.


Every year, it gets harder and harder to make a credible animal attack movie thanks to the good folks at the Sci-Fi Channel.  Rogue was a legitimate release from The Weinstein Company and director Greg (Wolf Creek) Mclean and even though the production values are top notch, you can see just as good a killer croc movie for free on Sci-Fi without it clogging up your Netflix Queue. 


The stuff you would expect to work in Rogue doesn’t.  All of the crocodile attacks are weak and mostly happen off screen with the minimum of gore.  Also, most of the tension is muted due to the fact that the characters all basically act like idiots.  Seriously, why would you dangle yourself above a river bank when you know a killer croc is just itching to leap out of the water to gobble you up?  If Mclean didn’t manufacture all of the suspense and let the scares come naturally, Rogue might’ve been worthy of the praise that people are heaping on it.  (Then again, a lot of people loved Wolf Creek, and I didn’t like that one either.)  It also didn’t help that the heroine slept through the entire climax either.


Surprisingly enough, the scenes that you’d think would be a complete bore are actually very well done.  The 45+ minute build-up to the initial croc attack is rather effective and is much better than the second croc-centric half of the flick.  I got a DVR for Christmas that up-converts DVDs to near Blu-Ray quality and Rogue was a great way to test the player.  The wildlife footage really popped off the screen and the scenery was breathtaking.  Too bad that by the time Vartan got to the croc’s lair, things got all dark and dingy.


Vartan gets the best line of the movie when he says, “I fucking hate animals, especially ones that can kill you!”

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