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The legendary drive-in movie critic Joe Bob Briggs hosts this awesome “Awards Ceremony” that was originally a Pay Per View Special, that is just an excuse for some of the finest 90’s scream queens to get naked.  Joe Bob interviews several B Movie actresses, shows clips from some of their films, and then they do a little striptease.  Viewers then call in and vote on their favorite babe.


First, Joe Bob talks to Julie K. Smith from The Dallas Connection about her career and being a consultant on Showgirls.  She says she’s using B Movies as a stepping stone to something else, but her career never got out of the straight-to-video market.  Next, the relatively unknown Steen talks about her one and only film credit Turnaround (Directed by Jeff Mandel from Elves fame!), which she also wrote.  Then Julie Strain shows up wearing an amazing metal brassiere and discusses her work in Andy Sidaris films.  And yes, the infamous scene from Fit to Kill where she has an orgasm on a boat and screams, “Anchors away!” is shown.  Afterwards, Michelle Bauer (who wins) appears and talks about Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers and being a body double for famous stars.  Finally, Joe Bob talks to Linnea Quigley about Return of the Living Dead and Linnea’s classic “Dance of the Double Chainsaws” is shown.  When Linnea does her striptease, she caresses a severed arm.  While the votes are being tabulated, the two Julies engage in a Sapphic hot tub dance. 


Briggs’ conversational interviews are excellent and the girls all look great.  Even though the striptease scenes are brief, they show more than enough skin to give you a chub.  There’s no real way to review this show.  If you’re a fan of Joe Bob, or any number of the gals featured on the show will definitely want to check this out.  I love both, so it’s Four Star City all the way.

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