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A couple of scientists wearing radiation suits that look like oversized Jiffy Pop bags go underground on an excavation and dig up a living rock.  Boris Karloff hooks the monster up to his computer and learns that the living rock needs human blood to live.  But not just any human blood will do.  You see, it needs the blood of someone who is scared out of the wits in order for it to be fully satisfied.  This means that Boris has to go all kinds of crazy, tying up chicks to gigantic Weber Grills and putting them through mock Satanic sacrifices to put enough fear into their blood so that the rock monster’s bloodlust will be sated.  Pretty soon, the rock gets really hungry and starts getting blood straight from the source by using its powerful tentacles.  In the end, Boris hits Control-Alt-Delete on the computer and kills the monster.


Fear Chamber was one of four quickies Boris made back-to-back-to-back-to-back shortly before his death.  (House of Evil, The Incredible Invasion and The Snake People were the other three.)  He shot his scenes in Los Angeles with exploitation guru Jack (Switchblade Sisters) Hill and another director did all the stuff with the Mexican supporting cast South of the Border.  Due to the slipshod production values, Fear Chamber is an unmitigated mess.  It’s a shoddy flick in just about every respect.  The editing is awful.  Boris’ footage is haphazardly tossed in with the action, making it painfully obvious that the rest of the film was shot in another country.  The monster costume is pathetic and even though it’s supposed to be made out of “rock”, it looked awfully rubbery to me.  Plus, Karloff doesn’t get a whole heck of a lot of screen time; so you have to make do with his plethora of lab assistants; which include a hunchback, a dwarf, and a hottie (Isla Vega from Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia).


Although this movie is dumber than a bag of Pop Rocks, since it had ol’ Boris in it, I just HAD to watch it.  Even with one foot in the grave, Boris still gives a pretty good performance, if you consider the circumstances.  Fear Chamber is probably the worst Boris Karloff movie ever made, but it does feature a bizarre scene where a stripper takes off her clothes in front of the monster.  No matter how bad a movie is (and let me reiterate, Fear Chamber is plenty bad), any movie that features Boris AND boobies, is worthy of my 87 minutes.


Best line:  “These strange frequencies worry me!”


AKA:  Chamber of Fear.  AKA:  Torture Zone.  AKA:  The Torture Chamber.

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