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PAGAN ISLAND (1961) **

A sailor ends up shipwrecked on an island populated by 30 sexy girls who like to wear short silk skirts and leis that barely cover up their boobs.  (Some girls’ tits are so big they have to wear as many as four of five leis.)  After he watches a hula girl named Nami Maka (coincidentally enough played by a chick named Nami Maka) dance in front of a bizarre looking idol, he falls instantly in love with her.  Unfortunately she is marked to be sacrificed by the tribe to the evil “The Sea God”, which complicates their relationship.   


Directed by Barry (The Beast That Killed Women) Mahon (whose real life WWII exploits was later fictionalized in The Great Escape), Pagan Island offers very little for any viewer expecting a quality nudie cutie movie.    Even though all the chicks in the film were cast by famous nudie photographer Bunny Yeager, the nudity in this flick is downright sparse.  (You have to look really close in between the girls’ leis in order to see some titties.)


The flick does have some stuff going for it.  The underwater photography is quite good and the “Sea God” is pretty creepy looking and would look right at home in a Tim Burton movie.  There is also a random-as-fuck attack by a giant clam in there too.  Plus, the flick is less than an hour long, so you can’t really get too pissed at it.


Special Note:  There’s a chick named Yanka Mann in this movie.  I only bring it up because I thought it was a funny name.  I just wanted to share that with you.

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