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NEKROMANTIK 2 (1991) ***

I’ve always wanted to check out the Nekromantik movies but since they’re always like $45 each at horror conventions, I never bother picking them up.  When I found Part 2 on Netflix I figured I’d add it to my queue and find out what all the fuss was about.  Since I haven’t seen the first flick, I didn’t really know what to expect from this sequel.  Well, the title sequence featured footage from the first Nekromantik (which I presume is the last scene of the movie) in which the main character hari-karis himself to death while his raging hard-on spurts out jizz and then blood all over his bedroom.


OK, I’m now officially up to speed.


This sequel picks up with another necrophile named Monika (Monika M.) digging up that guy’s grave in broad daylight and bringing his corpse back home with her.  Once she gets him undressed, she rides his face and then gives him a BJ.  Since she’s not used to the taste of decomposed dingus, she promptly pukes.  It’s still love at first sight though.  We can tell she’s in love with the dude because she props his corpse up and takes Polaroid pictures of herself making kissy-face with it.


The plot thickens though when Monika falls in love with a guy named Mark (Mark Reeder) who happens to be alive.  (His job is to dub heavy breathing sounds into porno movies.)  Monika wants to stay with him so she cuts up her former lover into little pieces and decides to throw him in the trash.  Alas, she can’t bear to toss out his decaying flaccid schlong, so she puts it in the refrigerator for safe keeping.  When Mark finds out about it; he’s remarkably civil about the whole thing.  Monika and Mark soon hit a rough patch in their relationship (he doesn’t get off on watching videos of real life animal mutilation; the pansy) and before you can say “Couples Therapy”, she’s grabbing the hacksaw and… nope, I won’t spoil it for you.  You got to see it for yourself.


Nekromantik 2 is crammed with a lot of padding that keeps it from achieving true classic status.  During the course of the movie we’re treated to a gratuitously artsy fartsy film-within-a-film, a long irritating petting zoo sequence, uninterrupted takes of Monika eating goulash, and a mini-music video.  All of this nonsense gets in the way of the corpse fucking.  But you’re not watching a Nekromantik movie to see the filler, you’re watching it to see dead body diddling and in that respect, Part Deux doesn’t disappoint.  The necrophilia scenes are all well done and are thoroughly disgusting.  We’re talking Gross Out City.


Most people won’t be able to take Nekromantik 2.  In addition to all the necrophilia stuff, there’s an extended scene where a bunch of girls get together over pizza and watch a video of baby seals being vivisected.  Part 2 is definitely worth a look for die-hard gore fans with cast iron stomachs and/or people who think they’ve seen it all.  Oddly enough though, the flick actually reminded me a lot of a Hal Hartley flick with all of the static camerawork and faux classical music.  Weird.


Nekromantik 2 is more than just a corpse fucking orgy though.  The cast is especially good and Monika M. is surprisingly appealing, even when she’s knocking boots with the dead.  Quite an amazing feat if you think about it.  Also, some of the deadpan humor is quite funny (the penis in the fridge gag is hysterical) and director Jorg Buttgereit is able to strike an eerie balance between the humorous stuff and the sickening shit.  While the film doesn’t work 100% of the time, there’s enough gory goodness here to make me give it a solid ***.  It’s good enough to make me want to see the first one, which is probably the best compliment I can give it.

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