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A slutty housewife named Marla (Neilda Lobato) gets ran over by a sports car and her husband is arrested for the murder.  That means a trio of cranky lawyers have to sit in a room and argue about why or why not the case should go to trial.  That means that they have to relate a bunch of boring flashbacks of the events leading up to the murder.  They deduce that the husband’s motive was jealously because his wife cheated on him with a beach bum stud, but in the “shocking” twist ending, we learn that Marla’s lover is actually a confused bisexual (“You don’t even know what side of the fence to walk on!”) that has psychotic tendencies and is the real killer.


Scream of the Butterfly is on the whole pretty pointless and is dull as all get out.  The endless scenes of the lawyers bickering are nothing but tedious filler that will test the limits of your patience and the flashback scenes are mostly fifth rate soap opera shit.  There isn’t much here to make the film worth a look except for Lobato’s nude bubble bath scene; which is shown twice to help further pad out the running time.  Although there is another nude scene when Lobato fucks her stud on the beach, it’s senselessly arty looking and features way too much slow motion for it to truly be arousing.


The late Ray Dennis Steckler, the man who directed the immortal The Incredibly Strange Creatures That Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies acted as the cameraman for the low budget stinker.


The goateed asshole lawyer gets the best line of the movie when he calls Marla, “Miss Slutzy Whutzy”!


AKA:  The Passion Kit.

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