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Chuck Norris stars as a Chicago cop who goes undercover as a garbage man to bust some drug dealers.  When the deal goes sour, cops get killed and a drug war begins to brew between the rival dealers.  Then the Mexican drug lord (Henry Silva) kidnaps the Mafia kingpin’s daughter and Chuck has to go out and kick some ass.


Directed by Andrew (The Fugitive) Davis, Code of Silence suffers from way too many supporting characters and unnecessary subplots.  The side story about a cop played by Ralph (the guy who said “Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal!” in Home Alone) Foody who shoots an unarmed kid is especially gratuitous and the scenes of his wet-behind-the-ears partner pondering whether or not he’ll cover for him really slow things down to a crawl.  These irritating interruptions get in the way of the story; particularly in the film’s early going.


All these extraneous shenanigans don’t leave Chuck a whole lot of time to dish out the whoop ass.  When he finally does, it’s too little too late.  (You have to wait a good hour until old Chuck starts roundhousing Mexicans.)  Since Chuck’s considerable kung fu skills are kept to a disappointing minimum, it knocks Code of Silence a notch or two below the usual Norris fare.  Not even the scene where Chuck partners up with a prototype police robot (it looks like a cross between a Hummer and ED-209) makes the grade. 


One of Chuck’s cop buddies gets the best line of the movie when he says, “You know what a Mexican and a cue ball have in common?  The harder you hit them, the better their English gets!”

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