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I’ve given famed Swedish director Ingmar Bergman three tries to make a good movie.  His films are supposed to be what the highbrow snobs call “Required Viewing”, so I figured that I’d at least give some of them a chance.  Well, I didn’t like either The Seventh Seal (cool chess playing sequences but otherwise it wasn’t very good) or The Virgin Spring (the remake, Last House on the Left was much better), and now I just got done watching Wild Strawberries which I got to tell ya, despite a couple of cool dream sequences, is pretty bad.  Sorry Ingmar, but three strikes and you’re out.


The plot is all about this old fogey professor who goes on a trip to some fancy schmancy university to receive an honorary degree.  As his daughter drives him up to the college, he falls asleep and has some weird dreams about his past, his future and even some Twilight Zone type shit.


The first couple minutes of this movie hooked me.  Early on, the professor had this bizarro dream where this dude that didn’t have a face melted on the sidewalk.  Then, a corpse grabs the professor from out of a coffin.  The big surprise is that the corpse turns out to be the professor!  So far, so tight; but then Bergman stops with all of the freaky nightmares and opts to have a bunch of lovey dovey bull honky dreams about the professor’s childhood sweetheart picking wild strawberries and his wife cheating on him and stuff and then… well…


OK, I’ll admit that I fell asleep about ¾ through this one.  I even had a dream myself.  It was about a 200 foot tall wizard firing laser beams from a crystal scepter at the Chrysler Building.  Shit, man that dream was a lot better than any of the dreams that were in this movie.  Maybe I should be making dream-filled movies and not this Bergman jackass.

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