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Dr. Orloff (NOT played by Howard Vernon) dies and relinquishes control of his monster to Dr. Fisherman, who revives the fiend using high frequency sound waves.  To make sure the monster is fully functional; Dr. Fisherman takes him out on the town so he can kill half-naked strippers.  When Dr. Fisherman’s niece shows up to the castle, she appeals to the monster’s dormant human emotions so he’ll finally take care of the mad doctor once and for all.


Director Jess Franco’s Dr. Orloff’s Monster isn’t as much fun as its predecessor, The Awful Dr. Orloff, but it undoubtedly has its moments.  Granted, most of the moments I’m referring to involve naked women being strangled by the “Monster” (okay, so he’s more like a mindless zombie more than anything), but in a Jess Franco movie, you take what you can get. 


After a promising set-up, things get kinda stuffy and dull; particularly when there isn’t a topless lady around.  You’ll be guaranteed not to fall asleep though because there’s a high-pitched whirring sound whenever the monster is about to strike.  Between that annoying noise and the screechy musical numbers I don’t know what was worse.  Oh well, Dr. Orloff's Monster still has enough titties in it to make it worth a look for any disreputable Franco fanatic.  


AKA:  Brides of Dr. Jekyll.  AKA:  Dr. Jekyll’s Mistresses.  AKA:  The Mistresses of Dr. Jekyll.  AKA:  The Secret of Dr. Orloff.

Tags: d, horror, jess franco, sequel
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