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POISON IVY 2: LILY (1996) * ½

After directing Alyssa Milano in the sultry softcore horror classic, Embrace of the Vampire, Anne Goursaud put Alyssa through the paces of this direct to video sequel to the 1992 Drew Barrymore stinker, Poison Ivy.  It’s definitely better than the first movie, but that’s not saying a whole helluva lot.


Alyssa stars as Lily, a poor college girl living in a starving artist tenement.  She finds Ivy’s nude self portraits (not really Drew, but a stand-in) and slowly becomes obsessed with the photos.  Soon enough, Lily is cutting her hair, piercing her belly button, and starting to dress and act like a total slut.  She quickly seduces her married professor (Xander Berkeley) and jerks around her new boyfriend, played by Johnathon (Road House 2) Schaech a lot.  When she finally gives up her slutty ways and chooses her boyfriend over her teacher, the prof gets all kinds of jealous during Thanksgiving Dinner and tries to rape Lily.  In the end, the professor tries to kill her in a fit of jealous rage and ends up falling to his death. 


The scenes of Alyssa getting nekkid are the only things worthwhile about this crappy sequel.  Although there is plenty of softcore nudity during the scenes of tepid sex and artist models posing au natural, it wasn’t quite enough to raise my pulse.  Even though most of Alyssa’s sex scenes featured some annoying chanting monks on the soundtrack, whenever her rack was getting squished up against a glass shower door while she was getting fucked; it was okay by me.


What really sinks the movie though is the bare minimum of plot.  Sure, most of these erotic thrillers don’t really need a plot, but besides the nudity, nothing much else ever happens.  And for some reason the flick stops being a Poison Ivy movie and becomes a Lifetime Adultery Movie of the Week about ¾ of the way through.  To top that off, Goursad paces the movie in a meandering manner and lets things go on for far too long.  Seriously, this movie clocks in at a steep 107 minutes, which is about 17 minutes longer than any erotic thriller really needs to be.  Also, the costume party scene where Alyssa dons black lipstick and starts acting like a bitch is almost exactly like the one found in Embrace of the Vampire, except it’s not nearly as much fun.


Alyssa’s chest region is pretty much the whole movie but she gives a decent performance; or at least I think she did since I wasn’t really judging her performance on “acting” ability.  The rest of the cast ain’t too shabby.  Schaech is pretty good as the requisite brooding artist guy that has constant five o’clock shadow, an earring, and frosted hair (there were a lot of those guys in the 90’s) and I had fun spotting future hottie Camilla Belle in an early role as a youngster Alyssa babysits.


While Poison Ivy 2 is full of flaws, at least it features Alyssa Milano getting naked.  For some people that will be enough (If I had saw this a decade ago, it might’ve gotten ***, considering my teenage lust for Alyssa), but most viewers will be left wanting more.  Bad movie fans might be able to appreciate the lame dialogue, that includes such howlers like, “Your beauty scares me… terrifies me!”

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