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There’s a sexy succubus (Cynthia Bond) running around NYC (who can put on stockings with her mind) swallowing men’s souls and “giving them something that there’s no cure for”. Writer/director James Bond III stars as Joel a young man studying to be a priest who comes to New York to “take a break from God” and gets involved with the succubus. His buddy Kadeem (A Different World) Hardison and a CIA agent (Bill Nunn) team up to try to stop her. This was one of the rare serious horror films being done in the early 90’s by black filmmakers. While the premise is sound, it suffers from an obvious low budget and a lack of surprises and scares. The final demon monster is kinda cool, but the man eating television is right out of Videodrome. Samuel L. Jackson appears briefly as Bond’s father in flashbacks. Future director Ernest (Demon Knight) Dickerson was the cinematographer. From Troma.
Tags: d, horror, samuel l. jackson, troma
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