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ROCKNROLLA (2008) **

After the debacle of Swept Away and the shitfest that was Revolver, director Guy Ritchie attempts to make a return to form with RocknRolla.  Well, it’s much too muddled and inconsistent to be called a “return to form”, but it’s a step in the right direction I guess.


The plot has Gerard Butler and his crew trying to pull a real estate scam with the help of a local gangster (Tom Wilkinson).  When Wilkinson reneges on the deal, Butler and company are left holding the bag and have to scramble to find a way to make the dough back to cover their investment.  From there the plot begins spinning out of control.  There’s a sexy banker (Thandie Newton) who wants her cut of some laundered money.  A cracked out rock star who is in possession of a valuable painting that Wilkinson wants to get his hands on.  A Russian crime lord who… it just kinda goes on like that. 


All these characters are introduced into the mix just to make things more chaotic.  The fact is, there’s a decent movie buried somewhere inside of RocknRolla, but there are way too many characters and “plot twists” that get in the way.  The flick runs almost two hours and has enough plot for four. 


Although I quickly became disinterested in this flick, some of the performances made it tolerable.  Wilkinson was quite good as the crusty gangster and Butler fared OK in a role that was clearly made for Jason Statham.  Unlike Snatch and Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels, none of the supporting characters made much of an impression and there were only brief glimpses of Ritchie’s trademark humor. 


Before the credits roll, there’s a title card that promises us a sequel.  Unless Ritchie can get his shit together and make it as funny as his first couple of films, count me out.

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